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Rebuild your strength, balance and flexibility with YOGA and BREATH private sessions.


Sessions are tailored to meet private needs and interests of the practitioner.

  • Develop new skills to keep your body strong, flexible and balanced

    1 hr 15 min

  • Perfect for beginners looking for weekly classes

    1 hr 15 min

  • For practitioners committed to deepening their practice

    1 hr 15 min



I am so glad I started to practice yoga with Elena. She taught me how to appreciate all the small everyday things we take for granted. 

She taught me how to  stay connected to the BREATH.

                               Jinny McCormic

Thank you for coming into my life. Thanks to yoga, my balance is so much better and my  muscular sclerosis has been kept at bay. I have found something for a lifetime.

                                Suzanne Myers

Through your yoga instructions and your loving way, you helped me to tap into my inner sanctuary of peace and stillness. I will be forever grateful.

                                          Cheryl Caloras

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